Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2

This morning: plastic baggie from the dentist's office, part of toothbrush packaging, lens wipe.

Could this trash have been avoided? If I hadn't dropped my eyeglasses right next to the litterbox this morning, I probably wouldn't have felt the need to give them a little wipedown, so... yes. And I suppose I could have asked my dentist to skip the party favor accoutrement and simply hand over my new oral hygiene supplies. But given that I am occasionally going to switch out my toothbrush, and that I would like my new brush to be sterile, I don't see any way around toothbrush packaging. Thoughts?

What I didn't throw away: the cardboard backing of the toothbrush package (recycling), the old toothbrush (will reuse it for cleaning purposes and then, yes, throw it in the trash).

This evening: peach pit. I put some other organic waste in the compost, but somehow I am convinced that if I try to compost seeds, I will end up with a peach tree growing out of my compost bin. Which I... don't want? I might need to rethink this.

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