Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8

Today I threw out: this cupcake liner.

I've been eating these cupcakes since Saturday, so I don't know how this is the first pic I'm posting. I think my old man has been throwing them out while I get around to lining up a shot. Could this trash have been avoided? In a world without cupcakes, perhaps. This seems like the kind of thing that might be compostable? But I'm not sure about the paper wrapper.

I also threw out: yet another cheese wrapper.

I ain't shamed.

Thanks to everyone for the info they've been sharing... I have definitely gotten less wary of the recycling bin and more vigilant about the compost! I would love to see a downward slope of the amount of trash I produce... perhaps by the end of the month I, too, will be carrying it all around in a Mason jar.

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