Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27

Today I threw out: some Nerds (but not the plate).
Could this trash have been avoided? Well, I had bought the Nerds to decorate cupcakes, and these were the leftovers that didn't stick to the frosting. I ate some—valiantly—but I just couldn't eat them all. I suppose other options included tossing them in with the compost or dissolving them in water and pouring down the drain, but it had been a long afternoon of cupcake decorating and I just tossed them.

I also threw out: more cheese packaging! I'm beginning to be a little weirded out by all our cheese consumption.

I also threw out: this rocket sticker.

Could this trash have been avoided? The stickers came from external sources, so not without some uncomfortable conversations.

I also threw out: a cupcake liner.

I must admit, I'm into the blue foil. Gives it a little extra oomph.

I also threw out: this twist-tie.

I must admit, I don't know why we have a seemingly endless supply of these. Maybe they come packaged with our trash bags? Which we simply knot by hand?

I also threw out: a paper towel.

Really, the only thing I use paper towels for is wrapping sweet potatoes to cook in the microwave. Could this have been recycled? Not sure. It didn't have any food on it.

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