Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3

Today: plastic part of a bag for a baguette. 

Could this trash have been avoided? Only if I want to bake my own baguettes, which I do not. What I didn't throw away: the paper part of the bag (recycling).

Peach pit. No peach trees in my compost bin, ta very much.

Another cheese wrapper. Could this trash have been avoided? I guess potentially I could have bought the cheese at a fancy shop where they wrap it in silk or something instead of plastic, but in the life I currently lead, no.

The spout stopper for a little carton of heavy cream. Could this trash have been avoided? Well, it turns out I didn't actually need the cream for the recipe for which I bought it, so yes, I could have avoided this trash and saved about $5.

A stale slice of baguette. For some reason I can't get behind composting bread? Like, I fear that the yeast will compromise the whole process in some way. Could this trash have been avoided? Yes; I could have saved it for croutons and/or breadcrumbs, but that didn't occur to me before I threw it out and I shan't go rooting in the trash for it now.

The little strip that you peel off a Netflix envelope to seal the DVD inside. Could this trash have been avoided? Only if Netflix got its act together vis-à-vis streaming movies I actually care to watch, so... no. By the way, Big Eyes is a surprisingly good movie, strong recommend.

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  1. You can totally compost bread and peach pits. When I had a house (and a compost bin), I composted all food waste except meat.