Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7

Today I threw out: this wadded-up tissue full of my son's snot.

Could this trash have been avoided? Well, I knew that when I encouraged him to play with other children, this day would come. He was fine with having his nose wiped, also fine with not having it wiped.

I also threw out: this end of some cheddar cheese packaging.

Could this trash have been avoided? Well, this project is definitely making me come to terms with how much cheese we eat. And... I'm there. I've come to terms with it. It's cool.

I also threw out: another tissue.

Just assume there's more where this came from. Photographing each one would have been a bit trying.

I also threw out: a bleach wipe.

I know, these are pretty ungreat for the environment, but I realized that I'd been photographing snot-filled tissues on the dining room table. And also that some of someone's toys could stand to be a bit less germ-friendly. At least I didn't flush it down the toilet?

I also threw out: packaging for nutritional yeast.

Could this trash have been avoided? This bag is actually part of my trash avoidance strategy. I bought a jar of "nooch" (no one really calls it that) a few years ago, with a shaker on top, and now I just refill it from bags. They take up a lot less space.

I also threw out: the seal from a jar of Better Than Bouillon.

Could this trash have been avoided? As much as I'm not broken up about the nutritional yeast bag, I am even less so about this jar seal. The jar is recyclable and it creates less trash than however much bouillon I would have had to buy. (And me making homemade vegetable stock is not going to happen; I don't care how many websites suggest that I hang on to old rinds of Parmesan for umami.)

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